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I have been marketing online since 1999 when I decided to learn to earn  living on the internet so I could help offline & online businesses to increase their exposure to the new & involving digital age. Over the past 16 years I have built over 200 web sites and personally own 40 + Domain names today. I have learned to use multiple platforms to expose businesses to search engines as well as coupons to increase traffic to their businesses.

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Brick and Mobile Web Shop is one of the back bones of Bob Prince Media. I will add the multiple lines of interest to this page.

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John Robert  2007
Future Web Master

John is my youngest grandson at 8 years old but has a desire to be in business like his grandfather. He is very polite and respectful to all and is a quick learner and would put J, Beiber to shame as he is a loving and caring young boy. He lives with me and his older brother Josh who is 10 years old and is a A & B student gong into the 4th grade. I look forward to teaching them the proper ways of  the God of the Bible & the best way to get up and running online to earn a decent living. I hope you get to meet him some day and conduct business with this very bright and handsome young boy.

Bob Prince
Owner 1999

Bob Prince has been online marketing since 1999 when he first learned how to “Copy, Cut & Paste and saw his way to work with many offline businesses locally and around the world. Bob is an ECU graduate 1976 and started his fist business here in Pitt county in 1977 and never looked back. He has successfully helped thousands of eastern North Carolinian’s in their personal and business lives in the Communications, Insurance, Home Security and now online marketing for those who need a web presence to increase their exposure to the digital age of cell phones and tablets. The exposure to new markets & online purchases have and is increasing tremendously today as many use the internet to locate, find and purchase many items that once were only found by travelling to stores in other towns. Bob has created over 200 web sites & manages more that 40 domains today and is looking forward to serving you in your business.

Joshua   2005
Future Marketing Executive

Joshua is my oldest grandson age 10 and an A – B  student and loves the interaction of the WIFI tablets. I am trying to get him to understand the importance and value to him using the internet to learn and become more informed as to what the possibilities are for home to earn a part time or full time living. Also to educate him with his school work. I think he could do well creating business models for extra income so let’s see how he does in the 4th grade.